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Jay-zJournal.com is a fanbased blogsite on the current happenings mainly about Jay-Z and other ROC related artists. We want to provide our worldwide ROC fans with the latest true non-gossip news on Jiggaman. All articles are written by honourable Jay-Z & ROC fans troughout the world. The Jay-zJournal Team consist out the following people: Julia, Chris, Jermaine, Alex, Dianne, and Rob. Each member of the Team engages in various tasks. We will continue our efforts for creating an oase for true Jigga and ROC fans at Jay-zJournal.com

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Hall Of Hustlers

Here you can find all the hustlers that have and still are contributing to this fan community. Therefore we cannot forgot them and applaud them for their efforts and list them in the Hall Of Hustlers

We salute all the Jay-Z and ROC fans!


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