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Jay-Z Absolut Vodka NY-Z Documentary


Cold chills, and moist eyes. Yeah, thats what it brings when watching this short but powerfull documentary of Jay by Absolut Vodka. If you remember Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie, well this documentary just beats it only by thinking and seeing where Jay came from. From serving bricks to asking his band for higher stabs for ESOM. 

We already thinking of Jay retiring and in the future we will only have to see these amazing live documentaries to remember that Jay was our Malcom X. But, that just says it, we can tell our grandchildren of what this man had done for the black community and especially for all our hustlers among us. The world is yours, really, you can still make it. We better quit, cause we are going on the emo route!

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avatar maik kalamos
Jay-z is the greatest rapper but i think also 2pac,even if 2pac has fire against everyone in the east coast,we cant forget him.
avatar LaQueena
oh it's timeless...HOV!
avatar foresightworld
jay z is our malcom x. do you get that?
avatar neves
well said! jay's enthusiasm is contagious!!
the many years Jay has spent on his craft explains longevity.
very humble "YOUNG" man!
avatar escalibvr7
you got that rite!!
avatar SpiritSentient
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

Fave part:

It's always like music is this universal language. I always used to think that was something really cool to say, but it... it really is. I think the reason people outside of New York connect to a record like that is because of the inspiration outside of the windows. Big city, you know, you make it here, you could make it anywhere. It's the belief that you could make it in this world.
avatar buy antique
he is really a music genius! :)
avatar nonstick ceramic cookware
This clip are too cool and music are very nice, keep it up
avatar austin dental
This is awesome music video. I like it. Its sound quality and video quality is good.
avatar sell crafts
hey this was awesome video. hey jay ur an aamzimg person keep up the good work. keep posting so that i can follow u...
sell crafts
avatar Bruststraffung
Some things in here I have not thought about before.Thanks for making such a cool post which is really very well written.will be referring a lot
avatar ashton kutcher camera
wew, jay z is our malcom x. do you get that?
avatar Ardy
I like Jay-Z Absolut Vodka NY-Z Documentary. I am impressed with the video.

avatar caty
wow I like Jay-Z Absolut Vodka NY-Z Documentary. I am impressed with the video.
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