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Japan Tsunami, What The Mother Is Happening


Japan is just hit by the biggest earthquake in their history, resulting in a massive Tsunami. The water floods are captured by the local news channels, and they look pretty horrific! You can still see people walking and driving their car and see the impact of the water just pushing them away!

No matter what, people don't deserve this, hope the support in Japan will be swiftly, cause this is a major catastrophe and other countries are bound to get aftershocks within a few hours.

2012, is becoming more and more realistic!

For all my niggaz and other people in Asia, we hope you are safe and we are thinking of you!


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avatar Sheila
just saw the tragedy on tv, nowadays you get used to seeing this horrors, its like the Earth is angry on someone. Damn, you got earthquakes, floods, volcanos, people revolutions.....HELPPP!
avatar COREY
innocent people man...so unfair....may the find relief fast
avatar raul malhotra
just saw the dam disaster on japan today please god help them..... :(
avatar Pinky
can't watch it with eyes wide open..donno how people are actually facing this....God please safe them..they were'nt born ..to die like this....plz mercy God!!!
avatar Patrick b
May God Help us All !!!
avatar MAC
just when you think shit is calmed down, da next thing happens...did u guys see the wwater rushing in the farms, its like a movie....SHIT, gonna watch 2012 this weekend for sure
avatar vivek
pls halp god...........................for every person which is present thrrrrr.....................nd w also prayyyyyyy.............
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