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Jay-Z Just Released "Holy Grail" Track ft. Justin Timberlake E-mail
Written by The Jay-zJournal Team   

Ah ah. Turn your bass up. Hov releases his 1st track a few hours back. It's a fast pace intro for the album, sounds dirty velvet, Jigga pockets those flows.

[Verse 1: Justin Timberlake]
You take the clothes off my back
And I let you
You steal the food right out of my mouth
And I watch you eat it
I still don’t know why
Why our love is so much
You curse my name
In spite to put me to shame
Air all my laundry in the streets
Dirty or clean
Give it up for fame
But I still don’t know why
Why I love it so much

And Baby
It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you
I just can’t crack the code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you’re so cold
One day you here, one day you there, one day you care
You’re so unfair sipping from the cup
Till it runneth over, Holy Grail

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Blue told me to remind you niggas
Fuck that shit y’all talk about
I’m the nigga, caught up in all these lights and cameras
But look what that shit did to Hammer

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King H-O Slays Another Track: 3 Kings E-mail
Written by The Jay-zJournal Team   

Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Dre released the track: 3 Kings of Ross' album. All due respect to Dre, but Jay ripped the scene once again. "King H-O, you should know by now!" Man, Jigga just goes off on these youtube mofos on this one: "Niggaz couldnt even fuck with my daughters room!"

Jay-Z supposedly has a 2nd deal coming up with Livenation?: "I ran through that buck 50 Livenation front of me, they working another deal, they talking two hundred fifty, I'm hoping for 3, 275 and I might just agree!"

"Murder was the case that they gave me, I killed the Hermes store, please somebody save me ".<- The 350k he spent for Beyonce's bags. Nuff said!

You all got that right?

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Can't Knock the Hustle E-mail
Written by Jasmine   

I absolutely love this song because you really can't knock the hustle. This is one of my favorite songs of Jay-Z and comes from the first album I actually bought from Jigga Man. There is nothing like live music and an actual live band because of the atmosphere that is created. The song was performed by Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and The Roots. I found this video on YouTube.com and luckily the sound quality is on point.

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